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Energy solutions for your business.

Energy in World is a Consulting and Development Company active in the energy production field, providing complete solutions in developing projects and supporting other energy production companies.

A lead in renewable energy market.

Design & licensing of energy related projects.

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Energy in World

Renewable energy sources in Europe.

Europe has an abundance of renewable energy sources, and its countries in recent years have become leaders in driving the deployment of renewable technologies. Efforts to increase the sustainability of energy systems in Europe are ongoing.

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Increase in share of renewable energy in energy consumption by 2030.

The EU has adopted targets to achieve a 32% share of renewable energy in energy consumption by 2030, with the idea to increase that percentage up to 40% by 2030.
Experiences gained in the early 2000s demonstrated the importance of enabling frameworks for renewables, and such frameworks remain at the heart of the EU’s policy process.

Renewable energy capacity growing.

Renewable energy capacity is already growing in Europe, with renewable electricity often cheaper than its fossil fuel counterpart. For these reasons many countries across southern and eastern Europe, including those still outside the EU, have increasingly aligned their energy and economic growth plans with the EU sustainability strategy, increasing the amount of renewable energy projects in in Europe, as well as the demand in consulting and delivery of relevant studies and services.

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